If you’re anything like us, you know that some experiences are meant to be lived in the flesh.
And no pandemic will stop us from helping you make it happen…

Don’t get us wrong, we are in favor of responsible behavior, but there is a way for in-person events to comply with the latest sanitary protocols and offer their attendees the highest levels of bio security as well as an immersive and social experience.
En el año 2020, Octopus Riviera publicó The Show Must Go On - Lineamientos Covid uno de los primeros manuales para la organización de eventos durante una pandemia global, y hasta la fecha seguimos observando estos lineamientos.


There are many more options to ensure bio security today than there were back in May 2020 when we first tackled the issue at our local level. “Bubble events” with thorough PCR testing and sanitization process are slowly replacing the traditional sanitary filters with sanitizing mats, gels and temperature check at the entrance. Hybrid and virtual events have become more accessible. And of course, vaccination has been a huge leap forward.


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