It’s one of our favorite creations, it took over a month and 20 people to build, and it perfectly embodies our core values: fine work, using regional materials and mayan techniques, resulting in an impressive and stunning work of art that the visitors will remember as the gateway to a fabulous experience.

Aerial view of the Templo grounds

In early November 2019, we began construction with the cement base. We delivered the finished arch on December 13, 2019. To give you a better idea of the building process, we’ll share some data.
During that time, we used:

  • 12,000 jilies (wooden posts)
  • 600 rolls of zacate
  • 38 yaitis
  • 120 bags of cement

We could not be more proud of the result. The Mayan Arch was the main gate for some 4,000 visitors who came to see headliners such as Solomun, Dixon, Âme and more at Templo in January 2020..

Mayan Arch, 2020

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